Afghan Care was established in 1991 and its mission and work continue to be inspired by the personal refugee experience of its founders, a dedicated group of Afghan professionals. Providing crucial support to refugees within Alameda County, the organization’s services are designed to address fundamental aspects of every human’s well-being and personal growth, recognizing that individuals have inherent needs and aspirations that extend far beyond basic survival.

We understand the importance of first fulfilling physiological needs such as access to food, healthcare, and shelter. Safety, stability, and connection to a community are essential to making a successful transition from indigence to a normal, productive life in the United States.

Afghan Care aims to empower individuals and families to reach their fullest potential as they assimilate to the American way of life in a dignified and compassionate way.

Essentially, Afghan Care acknowledges the need for individuals to have accessible opportunities for education, and skill development, all of which contribute to their self-esteem and self-actualization. Our services are grounded in the understanding that by addressing these holistic needs, individuals and families can thrive and contribute positively to their own happiness and to the broader community in which they live.

During the Covid pandemic, Afghan Care distributed face masks to Masjid, churches, first responders, and several other nonprofit support organizations between Dublin and Fremont.